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Horse Ranches of America

There are many types of farm operations that can claim the title of "Horse Ranch". Two of these types stand out above all others, however. There is the "Dude" ranch which specializes in tourism and helping non-ranching types to experience what life is like for ranchers, old or modern day. The other type is the non-public family horse ranch. This type of ranch only serves the community in a fashion similar to a business. The ranch owners will break and train horses as well as sell the one's that they raise.

Some dude ranches are famous for their adherence to the old west customs and traditions such as the cattle drive, wagon trains, and other wild west activities that a cowboy my have endured but modern day people do for fun. There will usually be riding trails, hiking, hayrides, cookouts, and campfire tales and adventures. There are even some dude ranches that are part of a wider community of tourism in old western style towns. The whole area is operated in a manner that resembles a few centuries ago. Publicly these

individuals will live a life like individuals of the old west. Privately outside of the eye of tourists they might very well have a flat screen tv or Xbox just like anyone else however. This will of course vary by the community.

The modern horse ranch on the other hand will strive to maintain the usefulness of horses as well as to allow for the animal to continue to be part of modern consciousness. Horses in the modern world require a great deal of attention from people on a given ranch due to animal protection laws. Whether a horse is raised for plowing, hauling goods, or simply to look pretty in a pasture does not matter farm oriented horses still do the same jobs they did in older times. However, they are not as frequently utilized as such due to the highly prolific nature of modern farm equipment like tractors.